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Amoo-Mensah still without injury timeline as Detroit City FC readies for training camp

First things first: There is still no estimated time for Devon Amoo-Mensah's return from injury.

The Detroit City FC defender, who returns for his second year with Le Rouge while completing rehab on a torn ACL, told The Detroit News on Tuesday that he won't know much about the timetable until he's seen by DCFC trainers and doctors.

Fortunately for him, that clarity should come within the next week. Amoo-Mensah said he's planning on traveling to Detroit this weekend for the start of DCFC training camp.

"Once I talk with the doctor and talk with (DCFC trainer) Maureen (Lilla), I'll have a better idea of a timeline," Amoo-Mensah said. "There's times in my head that I think I'm 100% ready to go, but your body can only do so much so fast."

Amoo-Mensah spent most of his offseason recovering back home in Naperville, Ill., where his family lives. He's approaching the six-month mark of surgically repairing his left knee. Most recoveries take about six to nine months, meaning he technically could be cleared to play by the first match — but DCFC has no plans to force that into existence.

"As good as I might feel, they might wanna hold me back a little bit, but I think that the goal was never to be ready by game one. Obviously, it's gonna take a little bit of time to get my fitness back and get more involved as I continue to play," Amoo-Mensah said, adding that his training-camp regimen is also "up in the air right now."

Amoo-Mensah moved to USL Championship along with DCFC. He came to Detroit after captaining NISA side Michigan Stars. Of all the 'NISA All-Stars' to shove the talk in people's faces, he did it with the most emphasis.

While most teammates described Amoo-Mensah's injury as "devastating" in the days that followed, he was pretty even-keeled — some might go as far as to call him optimistic — about it. He had already rehabbed the same injury in college on his right knee, and his stability as a pro made the future far less daunting.

"From a mental standpoint, it was a bit easier because I kind of knew what was ahead of me. Having all the tools and having the support of the staff and the team, and my therapist here in Chicago, that kind of gave me an ease of mind," Amoo-Mensah said. "I knew if I did these certain things, I'd be able to get back to my level and get back to full fitness."

Still, he admitted that it was tough to watch Le Rouge play the biggest games of their season without him.

"What really matters is playing those games and winning. We're all competitors and that's what motivates me," Amoo-Mensah said.

"I would be lying if I said that it didn't suck sitting there watching everybody play while you're hurt. I understand it's all part of the game; injuries happen, but I think that's a big motivation for me is to get back to where I was at, and even progression from where I was at and get better."

Another source of motivation: Those who supported him when he was down, he said.

"When the injury first happened, the amount of messages that I received, just wishing me good luck in my recovery, and then most recently with the announcement of the re-signing, just the positive messages I received...I'm just thankful for them, and the support they showed me," Amoo-Mensah said.

"Everybody within the organization, too, has been so supportive. It's easy to say that it's a simple thing to do, but I think a lot of teams maybe wouldn't have had the full support of allowing me to get back to full recovery."

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