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Metro Detroit high school lacrosse: Hartland's Bo Lockwood nets ESPN highlight

Hartland senior Bo Lockwood made noise across the country this weekend as his goal in a win against Detroit Country Day made it on ESPN.

Lockwood made what some are calling the goal of the year after a juke caused two defenders to run into each other, before going behind his back and beating the goalie.

“For Bo, we see him do crazy electric stuff all the time in practice,” Hartland coach Nick Levanti said. “He plays the game hard, he’s obviously a very skilled player. He’s such a hard worker and plays so much lacrosse.”

Lockwood’s play landed him at the No. 4 spot on ESPN SportsCenter’s ‘Top 10 Plays’ on Saturday, and then stayed at the No. 5 spot on Sunday morning after UFC 274.

“It’s kind of just another play for him,” Levanti said.

Lockwood is having a phenomenal season, with 65 goals and 82 assists for 147 points.

“He understands different ways that he can affect the game,” Levanti said. “Other than just shooting or dodging or making the plays that you see… he affects the game in so many ways. He makes others around him better.”

While getting some nationwide recognition is fun, Lockwood is team-oriented, and getting the win in that game is far more important.

“The first thing about Bo is he’s a team player,” Levanti said. “He understands that everything we do at Hartland is team-oriented. Lacrosse is a team-oriented game and we try to reflect that.”

Lockwood also isn’t just one of the most talented individuals on the team, but he’s also one of the most profound leaders.

“Obviously he’s a tremendously skilled player, he’s a great athlete, and a really hard worker,” Levanti said. “But his leadership is really the value we’ve gotten out of him the most this year.”

While the younger kids on the team will see his electrifying plays on ESPN, Lockwood will continue to lead those same kids by showing them what’s really important.

“He’s taken young guys who are newer and inexperienced under his wing,” Levanti explained. “He’s really shown them his passion for the game and his love for the game.”

Bo Lockwood is committed to play at Michigan after this season.

“Whether it’s in life or lacrosse, he’s a guy who’s going to go get it done,” Levanti said. “He’ll be successful no matter what he does. He puts in the effort and prepares for everything he does on and off the field. Not even talking about lacrosse, just in life.”

Country Day girls look for payback

Last year the Detroit Country Day girls lost to Bloomfield Hills Cranbrook, 14-13, in the regional finals.

The heartbreaking loss to end the season has motivated them to get back and make another run toward a state title.

“The expectation is always to go to the top,” Country Day coach Emma Kuehl said. “Last year, we ended obviously on a disappointing note. It was a really tough battle with Cranbrook who are kind of a perennial rival of ours. I think we learned, but we also turn to the future.”

Country Day (6-2) has a unique roster construction in that its balance between each grade level is extremely even. This means that even with four or more freshmen getting playing time, a lot of the roster remembers last year’s finish. It’s also led to an impressive amount of depth.

The offense is led by two sophomores with Hadley Keating and Emma Arico. Keating currently leads the team in points.

“They are definitely leading the charge offensively,” Kuehl said. “They’re my two sophomore sensations back there.”

Country Day has also had a lot of stellar play from their freshmen. Two pairs of twins, Mary and Georgia Pavlou and Brooke and Olivia Winowich have provided solid play and depth that really separates them from last year's team.

“For being freshmen, they have a really great lax IQ and overall skill set,” Kuehl said. “We’re really lucky to have them. They’ve picked up on things right away.”

The balance of age is what is so unique about the team. Clara Yuhn, Chiarra Sessa, Ella Thompson and Ainsley Shilling are Kuehl’s core group of seniors, and they’re vital to keeping everyone focused on their goals.

“Those four have really set the tone,” Kuehl explained. “They really feed off of the energy of the youngsters, and on the flip side, the older girls can calm them down. They bring a stabilizing factor.”

As a whole, this team is different from last year’s team, even with its returning players. They’ve taken big steps forward in a lot of areas.

“I think our draw team has really improved this year, which was a big component last year that we were working on,” Kuehl said. “On our offensive end, I think we have more consistent scoring threats within my starting seven down there.”

Country Day and  Cranbrook are in the same region again and play begins on May 18th.

Scotty Bentley is a freelance writer.