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Car Radio, Podcast 86, Pts 1/2: Lutz/EVs, Alberts/Detroit Show, Allaer/F1600 Summit, Prieto/Silverado ZR2, Fellrath/Jeep, Grecco/Raptor R

Car Radio 910AM, August 27, 2022

Host: Henry Payne, The Detroit News auto columnist

Interview Schedule

00 min: Payne intro

02-15 min: Interview with Bob Lutz, former vice chairman GM, on Dodge V8 demise, EV regs, Detroit Auto Show. 

15-20: Ad Break

20-30: Interview with Rod Alberts, president, Detroit Auto Show, on show's return Sept, 17-25

30-33: Ad Break

33-40: Continue with Alberts.

40-45: Interview with Nolan Allaer, F1600 racer, on his win at FRP Summit Point Race.

45-48: Ad Break

48-55: Continue with Allaer.

1.00 hr: Payne intro

1.04-1.15 hr: Best of Car Radio - Taped interview with Liana Prieto, Dirt Days. Talking Chevy Silverado ZR2

1.16-1.20 hr: Ad break

1.20-1.30: Best of Car Radio - Taped interview with Rachel Fellrath, marketing mngr, Jeep Grand Cherokee

1.30-1.35: Ad break

1.35-1.40: More Fellrath

1.40-1.45: Best of Car Radio - Tony Grecco, Product mngr, Ford F-150 Raptor R

1.45-1.48: Ad break

1.48-1.55: More with Grecco