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Car Radio, Podcast 83, Pts 1/2: Lindsay/F1600, Posey/Tri Five Cruisers, Levin/Toyota Crown, Swears/Tundra, Dominiq/lfa, Palmer/Ford EVs

Car Radio 910 AM Detroit, July 16, 2022

Host: Henry Payne, The Detroit News

Interview Schedule

00-02 min: Payne intro

02-16 min: Interview with James Lindsay, Canadian F1600 racer. He’ll call into station. (His cell# if any problems is: (519) 410-0195)

16-20: Ad Break

20-30: Interview with Roger Posey, president Tri Five Cruisers Club. Talking Woodward Dream Cruise 2022. He’ll call into station. (His cell # if any problem is: (248) 506-5768)

30-35: Ad Break

33-40: Continue with Posey.

40-46: Call-in with Doron Levin, Seeking Alpha columnist, talking Toyota Crown and industry EV strategy. He will call the station (Call his cell# at if any problems: (248) 752-0080)

46-49: Ad Break

49-57: Continue with Levin.

1.00 hr: Payne intro

1.03-1.16 hr: Taped interview with Mike Swears, Chief engineer, Toyota Tundra. LINHP52. 12.30 min total.

1.16-1.20: Ad break

1.20-1.30: Taped interview with Larrry Dominiq, President Alfa NA. Talking new Alfa Romeo Tonale. LINHP63. 10 min.

1.30-1.35: Ad break

1.35-1.46: Taped interview with Darren Palmer, Ford VP for EVs. LINHP63. 12.30 min total.

1.49-1.55: More with Palmer.