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Finley: Biden repays Georgia with a Big Lie

Joe Biden's extreme and extremely wrong comments about Georgia's new voting law weren't a gaffe or innocent mistake. They were an outright lie that has once again set the two halves of the nation against each other.

So much for a guy who promised to be the Great Unifier.

In characterizing Georgia's efforts to protect the integrity of elections, Biden referred to it as Jim Crow renewed, un-American and "sick."

He then described a law that looked nothing like the one that was actually adopted by Georgia.

That set off a frenzy of outrage from the left, which deployed its social media mob to threaten boycotts and pressure Georgia-based companies to denounce the law.

Major League Baseball succumbed, moving this summer's All Star Game from diverse Atlanta to nearly all-white Denver, in a state, by the way, whose voting laws are quite similar to what Georgia enacted.

Delta Airlines and Home Depot also issued condemnations of their home state's actions, even though a Delta lobbyist had earlier boasted he helped shape the bill.

In the meantime, people finally got around to reading the law, among them the fact-checker at the Washington Post, who gave Biden four Pinocchios for his depiction of the new rules.

Turns out the law doesn't suppress voting, as the president claimed. The Post concludes "the net effect was to expand the opportunities to vote for most Georgians, not limit them."

Also, according to the Post, Georgia increased early voting opportunities, and will not, as Biden insisted, close the polls at 5 p.m.

Clearing up the deception about the law comes too late to keep Atlanta from losing the $100 million the All Star Game was expected to bring in. Or to spare Major League Baseball from embarrassing itself and alienating a big piece of its fan base with its cowardly capitulation to false claims of racism.

Baseball had carefully stepped around the politicization of sports that has cost professional football ratings and revenue. And then it jumped in with both feet.

The decision by so many American businesses, in a country so evenly divided, to engage in the nation's always raging culture and political wars is baffling.

It's as if they're saying one half of their customers don't matter. They're only interested in the ones who sleep on the left side of the bed.

MLB, Delta and Home Depot, in their effort to dodge the frightening racism tag, now face boycotts and hard feelings from conservatives, who, by the way, have money to spend as well.

It was unnecessary. The private entities could have stuck to their own business and let politicians face the consequences, good or bad, of policies they make.

Nobody in Georgia cast a vote for MLB, Delta or Home Depot, and nobody in the state is looking to them to run their government. But Delta and Home Depot in particular very likely will have something in the future they need from the state Legislature and governor whom they've offended. Good luck.

As for Biden, he's still not corrected his fabrications, letting stand the perception that racism is running amok in Georgia.

That's an odd way to treat a state that was key to his presidential victory and gave him a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate. 

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