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Bankole Thompson: Election integrity summit in Detroit erodes trust

The election integrity summit in Detroit this past weekend organized by allies of former President Donald Trump who have made unproven claims about election fraud first seemed like a joke.

Such political grandstanding seems meant to whip die-hard supporters of Trump into a frenzy for the coming midterm election and to continue questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election.

It is also a dig at Detroit, where Trump himself made false claims about voters in the nation’s largest majority-Black city following his reelection defeat.

“You look at the things that happened in Detroit. You have more votes than you have voters... think of it, more votes than you had voters,” Trump reportedly told Republicans on a call.

The fact that summit participants included those from the Republican National Committee raises more troubling questions about how the Republican Party seems to be condoning conspiracy theories about a free and fair election.

There is no basis or shred of evidence to suggest the 2020 election was stolen. 

Republicans are not helping in strengthening democracy by accommodating the election fantasies of Trump. Instead, the gathering in Detroit is a reminder of how the false claims about the election have become a powerful political force for the right.  

Unfortunately, the big losers here are not the political elites and the paid consultants and strategists who came to Detroit for the conference charade or Trump himself, the GOP’s apparent kingmaker for the midterm election.

The losers are the people with no connection to political power who are buying into the "big lie" about the stolen election. Their fears have been exploited for political gain.

The easiest way to lose faith in government is to doubt the electoral process and claim it was rigged or that voting machines were hacked. These erode trust in our government institutions.

Mainstream Republicans who have deliberately remained silent for political advantage should realize that they, too, are giving a tacit endorsement to the phony conspiracies. Republican should condemn the summit and call out those who are making an industry out of election conspiracies.

With Trump calling the shots, it will take years to recover from the damage being done to the Republican Party. And the so-called election integrity summit isn't helping.

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