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Letter: Michigan's liquor approach benefits everyone

Nolan Finley’s recent newsletter mischaracterizes Michigan’s liquor laws, which continue to create a fair and level playing field in the alcoholic beverage industry that encourages entrepreneurship while protecting consumers.

These laws are reviewed and updated frequently as the industry continually evolves and new products and processes are brought online. It’s blatantly false to claim these changes haven’t been good for Michigan’s small businesses or our tourism or entertainment industries.

Quite the opposite, the three-tiered approach of manufacturing, delivery and retail continues to support mom-and-pop businesses statewide, create thousands of jobs and keep restaurants, local markets, concert venues, convenience stores and more well stocked.

The ever-increasing number and variety of craft beers from all corners of Michigan demonstrate how our three-tiered system continuously spurs new innovation, choice and competition. Look no further than your local grocery store, where you’ll encounter a vast array of options of beer, wine and spirits produced right here in Michigan.  

As our industry has grown, so has its ability to serve consumers. Michigan continues to be a leader in embracing new technologies in the alcoholic beverage industry that connect consumers with the products they love.

Mr. Finley also thoroughly misses the mark on a new law allowing swim-up bars at hotels and resorts, which only furthers Michigan’s role as a national travel destination. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer should be applauded for signing this bill into law, which was driven entirely by demand in the hotel and resort industry and will further boost both the local and state economy.

Michigan’s beer and wine distributors have helped make the beer and wine industry a bright spot during otherwise challenging economic times these past few years.

They play a central role in helping ensure the safe and efficient delivery of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in our communities.

We look forward to helping local hotels and resorts provide this new service that will only help Michigan’s continued economic recovery.

Spencer Nevins, president of the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association