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Opinion: I feel guilty for getting coveted COVID-19 vaccine

Bill McMillan  |  The Detroit News

I got my coveted COVID shot today.

I am happy, relieved, sad, angry, guilty.

I am wintering down in Florida and had to go through hoops to say I deserved the shot. Prove you are a part-time resident. Do you have proper documentation? Show us utility bills.

Folks up north have the same problem as people jump from county to county to get the saving grace we are clamoring for. Do you live or work here?

People cut in line because they know someone. We feel bad for seniors who don’t know how to go online, to redial, who don’t even have a cell phone and wait as captives in their home for that call that will save their lives.

A Black woman at the door asked if I had a reservation. Blacks are more vulnerable to the virus, should I feel bad because I am White? Are there people older than me that should be first in line?

The young woman taking my information was curt. What was she thinking as she tossed back a piece of documentation as “useless”? Did I take the place of a Floridian, maybe one of her relatives? Did she think I really didn’t deserve to be there?

My sister in her mid ‘70s is still scampering to get the shot. My twenty-something granddaughter got it.

What is fair? What is ethical? It all feels like a remake of “Lord of the Flies.” Survival of the fittest, or tech smartest.

Isn’t there a better way? More sane, more equitable, more responsible?

I can only hope we learn from this.

I have my shot.

And there is no joy.

Only sadness for the millions who do not have it yet.

Tonight I pray they hang on until they do.

Bill McMillan is a retired Detroit News editor.