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Nolan Out Loud: Left's obsessed with Fla. guv

CB's 60 Minutes did a hit job on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, presenting a deeply flawed report that purported to expose a pay-to-play scandal involving a grocery store chain tapped to administer COVID-19 vaccines. The chain is a donor to DeSantis.

The report also implied DeSantis prioritized seniors for vaccinations because they are most likely to be white and wealthy, and thus his supporters. 

All nonsense, says the Democratic mayor of Palm Springs, who says 60 Minutes ignored information he provided to debunk the story. 

Why does the liberal media so hate DeSantis? Because he challenged its "shut it down" advocacy campaign, refusing to validate their narrative that the only way to battle COVID was to lock everyone in their homes.

Florida didn't, and fared no worse than the large, Democratic-run states like Michigan that chose the harsher route.

Let's all tax

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen understands President Joe Biden's plan to raise the corporate income tax to 28% from 21% will drive American companies overseas. So she's asking that other countries raise their taxes as well. She wants a minimum global corporate tax rate to spare the United States from competition.

Christian persecution

Wayne State University has been rebuked by a court for denying certain campus privileges to a Christian student group that limited leadership to believers. The court noted WSU does not enforce the non-discrimination policy on any other group, even though many also limit executive positions to those who share the group's identity. See our editorial.


Get ready to pay even more to help rich people buy cars. Biden reportedly will raise the electric vehicle taxpayer subsidy to $10,000 from the current $7,000. As you struggle to make your own car payment, remember the average household income of a Tesla owner is over $150,000.

Nearly sunk by virus shutdowns, Carnival Cruise lines is cancelling sailings and threatening to move its ships from U.S. ports.

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In a preview of things to come, the Cincinnati Reds are offering ticket discounts to vaccinated fans. 

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