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Nolan Out Loud: Trump earned his fate

Nolan Finley   | The Detroit News

Donald Trump Wednesday became the only president in history to be impeached twice. It's a shameful way to end perhaps the most chaotic presidency in American history.

There's no disputing that Democratic loathing for and resistance to Trump contributed to the failure of his single term.

But in the end, Trump authored his own disgrace. Throughout his tenure he had no appreciation for the gravity of the office the people entrusted him with, nor for the grace and dignity required of those who hold it.

He was not changed by the office -- he continued to behave as a wheeling dealing, corner cutting, screw you if he can New York City real estate magnate.

Did he do some good things? Yeah. His foreign policy, especially in the Middle East, was better than he'll ever get credit for. And his tax and regulatory relief sent the economy to heights it has rarely experienced,

But his lack of self control and sense of propriety did him in. The first impeachment in 2019 was a politically motivated hit job. 

This time, the charges against him were well earned by his incitement of last week's Capitol riot. And that grew out of the inability of his enormous ego to accept the reality that he lost the election. 

In less than a week, he'll be gone from the White House. And hopefully gone from the political stage.

Witch hunt

Today Attorney General Dana Nessel is expected to charge former Gov. Rick Snyder and several members of his administration with willful neglect of duty in connection with the Flint water crisis. This looks like little more than a political vendetta pressed by a hyper partisan AG. Snyder may have made some mistakes, but never in his tenure did he knowingly neglect his responsibilities to the people of Michigan. 

Purge is on

Democrats are not about to waste this crisis. Last week's Capitol Trump-inspired insurrection has opened the door for the Left to drive Republicans into the shadows. Conservatives are being shamed from the public square as Democrats try to consolidate their power for the long-term. See my and Ingrid Jacques' column today. 


Bad enough that Republicans are widely being cancelled by everyone else; now they're trying to cancel each other. Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio is calling for Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming to give up her House leadership positions for joining nine other Republicans in voting for impeachment. 

Just a few weeks ago, Trump's daughter Ivanka was considering a run for the Senate in Florida, after she and husband Jared Kushner relocated to Miami's Billionaire's Bunker neighborhood. Now, her new neighbors are working to block them from joining the local country club.

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