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New trial date set for accused Oxford High School shooter

Pontiac — Accused Oxford High shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley was back in court Thursday for a virtual placement hearing as required by law and learned he will not go to trial until January at the earliest.

Crumbley, 16, of Oxford is charged with killing four fellow students at the school and wounding six others and a teacher. He is facing possible life in prison if convicted.

Oakland County Circuit Judge Kwame Rowe continued Crumbley's placement in the county jail after both defense attorneys and Oakland County assistant prosecutors told him there was nothing new to report regarding Crumbley. Defense attorneys have argued in the past that it would be more appropriate for Crumbley to be transferred to the county Children’s Village juvenile detention facility rather than in the county jail.

Crumbley, in a mask, appeared virtually from the jail in the four-minute Zoom meeting along with all the attorneys in the case. It was the fifth monthly placement hearing since February, as required by law.

Rowe moved Crumbley’s tentative Sept. 6 trial date to 8:30 a.m. Jan. 17 after defense attorney Paulette Loftin said the earlier date was unrealistic due to the large volume of discovery she and other attorneys need to review for Crumbley’s defense. They have indicated in the past they plan to advance an insanity defense for the teenager.

Officials in both the jail and Children's Village previously told Rowe the present jail setting is appropriate for Crumbley and provides the best security for him and others. He is kept in an isolation cell away from adult inmates. It was also revealed Thursday that Crumbley has been provided with a device to enable him to obtain his GED education while incarcerated.

Rowe set Crumbley’s next pretrial hearing for 9 a.m. July 21.