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I-94 closed downtown until early next week for bridge work

Metro Detroiters will need to rethink their morning commutes downtown until early next week.

Both directions of I-94 between I-75 and I-96 are closed so that post-tensioning work can be done on the new Second Avenue bridge.

The closure is expected to last until 4:00 a.m. Tuesday. Eastbound traffic will be diverted around the closure on I-96 east and I-75 north while westbound travelers can take I-75 south to I-96 west.

The closure is necessary to give inspectors full access to the new structure during the post-tensioning work, the Michigan Department of Transportation said in a news release. The post-tensioning process reinforces concrete by threading high-strength steel cables through ducts in concrete slabs.

"Post-tensioning is required on the new Second Avenue structure to reinforce the cables that support the bridge's driving surface for vehicular traffic, nonmotorized components, and barrier walls,"the Michigan DOT said in a news release. "The closure is needed for worker and public safety."

The new Second Avenue bridge is a network tied arch structure, the first of its kind in Michigan. Cables attach to the bridge's arch and the road surface on both sides and the bridge does not require a center pier in the middle of I-94 for support. It is replacing the original Second Avenue bridge that was built in 1954.


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