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Corrections & Clarifications 2021

The Detroit News

The Detroit News promptly corrects factual errors or clarifies misleading information. Please let us know if you think we may have published incorrect or misleading information.

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The following corrections and clarifications have been published in 2021:

February 2021

News: Detroit's deputy finance chief Tanya Stoudemire wrote in a memo to council that proposed charter revisions would increase city spending by well over $800 million annually. The amount was incorrect in a Saturday, Feb. 27 story.

News: Marjorie Sorge, 2021 inductee to the Michigan Journalism Hall of Fame, was a former Detroit News reporter. She had been omitted from a reference to former News journalists among the inductees in a Friday, Feb. 20 story.

Dining: The founder of Portillo’s restaurants is Dick Portillo. His first name was incorrect in a Thursday, Feb. 18 story.

News: Karen McDonald defeated Jessica Cooper in the Oakland County prosecutor's race in the August 2020 primary. A story Tuesday, Feb. 16 cited the wrong election.

News: MDOT will fund $700 million of the $2 billion needed for the road plan from their own budget over the next four years. The wrong proportion of funds was reported in a Friday, Feb. 12 story.

News: Michigan Medicine is receiving about 4,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine each week. Because of incorrect information supplied to The Detroit News, the number was incorrect in a Thursday, Feb. 11 story.

News: The Michigan Department of Natural Resources annually stocks salmon. A Friday, Feb. 5 story on commercial fishers misstated this information. 

Eats & Drinks: SugarBuzz vegan bakery's name was misspelled in a Thursday, Feb. 11 story on Paczki Day offerings in the area.

News: The suspect in a Flint shooting at a traffic light was misidentified in a Thursday, Feb. 4 story

News: A word was incorrect in a quotation by Macomb Community College professor Chris Gilliard in a Saturday, Feb. 6 story about privacy advocates who are concerned about police using doorbell cameras.

News: A suspect in a fatal Flint shooting was misidentified in a Thursday, Feb. 4 story

News: Virgil K. Smith is the son of and an adviser to retired Judge Virgil C. Smith. The younger Smith's name was incorrect in a Monday, Feb. 2 story about Virgil C. Smith's plans to run for Detroit City Council.


News: Detroit City Council approved spending $200,000 to defend against lawsuits, including a federal complaint filed against the city by Detroit Will Breathe. The city's response to the complaint and the purpose of the spending were incorrect in a Tuesday, Jan. 26 story

News: The last name of Martha MacFarlane-Faes, deputy state historic preservation officer, was misspelled in a Monday, January 26 story about the state's 2020 additions to the National Register of Historic Places.

Personal finance: The Associated Press – in an article supplied by the personal finance website NerdWallet – erroneously reported some requirements for direct contributions to a Roth IRA in a story published January 4, 2021. The ability to contribute ends at modified adjusted gross income of $140,000 for singles and $208,000 for married filing jointly, rather than starts to phase out at those amounts.

News: Gina Escurel is a teacher at Thurston High School in the South Redford School District. The name of the high school was incorrect in a Monday, January 11 story

Life + Home: A MI Dream Home in Orchard Lake Village is listed with KW Domain Luxury Realty. The listing agent was incorrect in a story published Friday, Jan. 1.

Entertainment: A new Eminem song and music video was incorrectly called "Fighter." The correct name of the song is "Higher." The story was published Friday, Jan. 22.

Autos: A recall affecting airbags in Ford Edge vehicles from the 2006-2012 model years. The model years was incorrectly published in a story published Thursday, Jan, 21.