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Metro Detroit to see soaring temperatures through Fourth

Ariana Taylor   | The Detroit News

Detroit — It's more than sunny for the last week of June, it's scorching.

Temperatures soared to 86 on Tuesday and blistering temperatures are expected through the Fourth, though record-breaking heights are not expected.

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Independence Day week will see high temperatures a few degrees short of records, the National Weather Service said. The Fourth of July on Saturday will see 93 degrees but fall short of a record. The highest temperature for the date was 102 in 2012. 

"We're looking at pretty sunny skies (and) calm winds, so it's going to be a pretty beautiful weekend," said Megan Varsie, a meteorologist for the weather service. "It doesn't look like there's going to be too many clouds or anything.

"So it can get pretty hot just with the solar heating throughout the day."

Tuesday's temperature high didn't match or beat any records either for the last day of June.  The record for June 30 is 96, set in 1931. For July 1 — Wednesday — the high for the day also was recorded in 1931 at 98, 10 degrees less than what is expected with 88.

Thursday's high is predicted to be 93, six degrees shy of a record 99 set in 2012. Friday's expected 94 also is six degrees cooler than the record, 100, set in 1911.

The National Weather Service said the hot streak washing over southeast Michigan is caused by a large area of high pressure and a deep, warm air mass over Michigan that is expected to linger.

By July 7, a rain shower that's in the forecast may be a relief.