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Macomb County plans to remove, repair or replace 22 bridges

Macomb Township — More than a third of Macomb County’s 225 bridges need repairs or removal, county officials said at a Friday news conference where they discussed an $80 million bridge repair program.

The county has started planning for fixing or removing 22 bridges in the next few years, some with construction start dates as soon as Monday.

At least 81 bridges require fixes or removal, including what Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel called a “major concern” for the county, the 25 Mile Road bridge in Macomb Township.

Some of those are being addressed by the $80 million program, which is comes from the county’s budget as well as state and federal funding. Hackel said the county has requested state funding for fixing 10 additional bridges, and 49 bridges still need funding.

The bridge has been closed for over five years due to deterioration, inconveniencing local farmers and causing the local fire department to take time-consuming detours, Macomb Township Supervisor Frank Viviano said.

“They have to go miles out of their way, Viviano said. “So the ability to stay connected, to keep all of these roads open is hugely important both for the health and safety of the community and for the development of our infrastructure.”

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Viviano said population growth has put a ton of strain on the area’s bridges and roads and funding necessary to maintain the infrastructure needed to grow. Macomb County, Michigan's third most populous county, gained over 30,000 residents from 2010 to 2021 according to U.S. Census estimates. 

Then there are bridges like the 28 Mile one in Lennox Township, which has been closed for three years. Lenox Township Supervisor Anthony Reader said he is concerned about how the dilapidated bridge could affect the surrounding environment. 

“It can cause environmental blockage, it can cause flooding in that area,” Reader said.