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The Plumber: Growing admiration for farmhouse kitchen sinks

Dear Ed: I'm replacing my kitchen counters, base cabinets and sink. I've started to admire the farmhouse style of kitchen sinks. But, I'm not just looking for a pretty fixture. Are there practical advantages to installing farmhouse kitchen sinks?

— Mary, California

Dear Mary: Farmhouse or apron-front kitchen sinks are well known for their rustic beauty. But contemporary apron-front kitchen sinks made out of stainless steel have become popular as well. So there seems to be no design limits placed on where farmhouse-style kitchen sinks can be installed.

As you mentioned, farmhouse sinks are pretty, and I can add that they do have a few practical advantages.

First, because of the apron-front design, there's easy access directly into the sink bowl area. This feature may allow for a more upright and comfortable work position.

Also, farmhouse sink bowls are usually a little deeper than standard sinks. This is nice for soaking pots and pans.

Finally, the apron itself is great for splash control and wipes down easily.

Bottom line: Farmhouse kitchen sinks can offer a bumper crop of practical advantages.

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