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Smart Solutions: Adding a touch of autumn to your style

With the arrival of fall often comes a desire to shift your décor in a new direction. Whether this involves a more layered approach, a saturated palette or both, it helps to edit a bit before you add to the existing mix.

While I’ve learned to be patient when switching my wardrobe at the start of the season because the weather can be so unpredictable, my surroundings are another story. Still, before introducing new elements, I make an effort to pare down my possessions, putting some away for now and parting with others that no longer serve a purpose.

As for adding a touch of autumn, I’ve already incorporated one new hue found in the seasonal leaves that seem to be so fleeting. Inspired by one of my daughter’s school colors, orange has made its way into my heart and my home. The lively shade enhances the gold, black, and yellow accents on our main floor where it creates a happy atmosphere.

After putting away some pillows to make more room for the guests at my daughter’s grad party, I find that I am starting to miss them being scattered about. The same goes for the heavier throws that go into storage mode for the summer. It’s time for them to lend the feel of fall to our rooms.

For me, the season often leads to an increase in productivity, which means I might finally get around to swapping out artwork and hanging more hooks and other miscellaneous items that have been waiting in the wings for someone to address them. I also plan to fill some lonely bookends and magazine racks with colorful titles, vinyl records and binders.

Though this time of year often inspires a more layered look, I also plan to lighten the load in the hidden areas of our home. Motivation can be greater when spending time near those spots that I always manage to avoid like our lower level. When my husband and I watched a college football game downstairs, I got more organizing done during the commercials than I had in the past few months.

Addressing some of the bigger elephants stashed in the exercise room like an old TV and a spare storage cart can make a difference in a matter of minutes. Sorting through reading materials also makes a dent like the books my friends have asked to borrow and the magazines that I continue to share with others.

In honor of the fall season, I also plan to add some greenery with a combination of real and faux plants to make up for what will soon be lacking outside.

Textured baskets that have been stashed behind closed doors can hold seasonal shoes and boots in style.

I also have my eye on some current trends like velvet accents in the form of pumpkins and pillows that lend texture to any setting.  

This little game of give and take creates a fresh perspective inspired by nature with well-edited rooms that let my seasonal décor shine.

Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior decorator turned freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at